Tobias Moretti

Tobias was born under the official name Bloéb, Tobias on July 11th, 1959. He has been a credited actor since the 2007 film Midsummer Madness.

To date, Tobias has only starred in the 2009 drama movie Io, Don Giovanni. Tobias Moretti has yet to establish a position as a bankable star.

Tobias has a limited track record in supporting parts. He has appeared in two films including: the 2015 comedy movie Das ewige Leben as the character Aschenbrenner and the 2007 comedy film Midsummer Madness playing Peteris.

Tobias has stayed out of the media limelight, having been featured in two magazine articles.

Tobias Moretti Roles

Tobias Moretti
Tobias Moretti


Speaks German, Italian and English fluently.
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