The Right Stuff

Oscar Winner
Runtime: 193 minutes

By flying higher and faster than any other man had ever dared before, Chuck Yeager set the pace for a new breed of hero. Those that had just one thing in common...THE RIGHT STUFF.

The Right Stuff is a adventure film released in 1983. The film stars Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager, Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard and Ed Harris as John Glenn. The Right Stuff was produced for $27,000,000. Since it's release it has grossed over $22,000,000 in ticket sales and $10,000,000 in rental and home sales.

The Right Stuff was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences in seven categories. It won the Oscar for film editing , music (original score), sound and sound effects editing. It was also an Oscar nominee for art direction, cinematography and best picture.

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" Request permission to relieve bladder.
Alan Shepard

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The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff
The Right Stuff


"Beeman's" is the lucky gum of pilots. See also _The Rocketeer (1991)_ (qv).

Filming Locations

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field - U.S. Route 101, Mountain View, California, USA

Hotel Oakland, Oakland, California, USA

California & Montgomery, Financial District, San Francisco, California, USA

Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA

Edwards Air Force Base, California, USA

Half Moon Bay, California, USA

Hamilton Air Force Base, Novato, California, USA

Mojave Desert, California, USA

San Francisco, California, USA

USS Coral Sea

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