The Mission

Oscar Winner
Runtime: 125 minutes

The Mission is a adventure film released in 1986. The film stars Robert De Niro as Rodrigo Mendoza, Jeremy Irons as Father Gabriel and Ray McAnally as Cardinal Altamirano. The Mission was produced for $25,000,000. Since it's release it has grossed over $17,000,000 in ticket sales.

The Mission was recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Art and Sciences in seven categories. It won the Oscar for cinematography . It was also an Oscar nominee for art direction, costume design, directing, film editing, music (original score) and best picture.

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Filming Locations

Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Don Dieguito, Magdalena, Colombia

Fort Amherst, Chatham, Kent, England, UK

Iguazú National Park, Argentina

Iguazú Waterfalls, Misiones, Argentina

Iguaçu Falls, Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil

Iguaçu River, Paraná, Brazil

Paraná River, Argentina

Paraná River, Brazil

Paraná River, Paraguay

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