Quo Vadis

Runtime: 171 minutes

Three Years in the Making! Thousands in the Cast! Filmed in Rome!

Quo Vadis is a biography film released in 1951. It is based on the book "" by Sienkiewicz, Henryk. . The film stars Robert Taylor as Marcus Vinicius, Deborah Kerr as Lygia and Leo Genn as Petronius. Quo Vadis was produced for $8,000,000.

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Quo Vadis

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" It is not enough to live well. One must die well.


'Buddy Baer' (qv)'s character is named "Ursus". "Ursus" is Latin for "bear".

Filming Locations

Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Rome, Lazio, Italy

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