Playing God

Runtime: 94 minutes

Joining this deadly underworld was easy. But getting out...deadly!

Playing God is a crime film released in 1997. The film stars David Duchovny as Dr. Eugene Sands, Timothy Hutton as Raymond Blossom and Angelina Jolie as Claire. Playing God was produced for $12,000,000. Since it's release it has grossed over $4,000,000 in ticket sales.

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" What, are you gonna arrest me for failure to live up to my potential?

Filming Locations

6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, California, USA

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Inglewood, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

Malibu, California, USA

The Forum - 3900 W. Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, California, USA

Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites - 404 S. Figueroa Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Yamashiro Restaurant - 1999 N. Sycamore Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

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