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Patrick was born under the official name Stewart, Patrick Hewes on July 13th, 1940. Known to his close friends as Old Baldy, he has been a credited actor since the 1985 film Lifeforce.

Patrick Stewart is a dependable leading actor. He has starred in five films including the 2003 action film X2 as the character Professor Charles Xavier, the 2002 action movie Star Trek: Nemesis playing Jean-Luc Picard and the 1998 action release Star Trek: Insurrection cast as Picard.

Patrick has made such a successful career in supporting roles, that it actually surpasses most leading actor's careers. He has appeared in fifteen films including: the 2012 comedy film Ted as the character Narrator, the 2011 animation movie Gnomeo & Juliet playing Bill Shakespeare and the 2007 action release TMNT cast as Winters.

Patrick Stewart has earned salaries up to $14,000,000 for his acting. His most commercially successful project to date has been the 2006 action film X-Men: The Last Stand, which brought in $234,000,000 at the box office.

In 1998 Patrick Stewart produced his first movie, the action film Star Trek: Insurrection.

Patrick is a cultural icon, having been featured on the cover of at least twenty-nine magazines, captured in more than four pictorials, interviewed in over twenty-eight publications and featured in seventeen magazine articles.


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Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart


Father of Sophie Stewart and Daniel Stewart .
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