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Jerry was born on November 25th, 1979. He has been a credited actor since the 2007 film Brooklyn Rules.

Jerry is a recognizable supporting cast member who's acting range makes him the top choice for a variety of roles. He has appeared in eight films including: the 2014 comedy film Think Like a Man Too as the character Jeremy, the 2013 action movie Lone Survivor playing Hasslert and the 2013 action release Empire State cast as Jimmy the Greek.

His most commercially successful project to date has been the 2013 action film Lone Survivor, which brought in $125,000,000 at the box office.

Jerry has stayed out of the media limelight, having been featured on the cover of at least one magazines.

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" I can only speak for myself - I don't care how I look.

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Jerry Ferrara


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jerry currently resides in Los Angeles.
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