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Ed was born under the official name Helms, Edward Paul on January 24th, 1974. He has been a credited actor since the 2008 film Lower Learning.

Ed has made such a successful career in supporting roles, that it actually surpasses most leading actor's careers. He has appeared in ten films including: the 2013 comedy film We're the Millers as the character Brad Gurdlinger, the 2013 comedy movie The Hangover Part III playing Stu and the 2012 animation release The Lorax cast as The Once-ler.

Ed Helms has earned salaries up to $5,000,000 for his acting. His most commercially successful project to date has been the 2009 comedy film The Hangover, which brought in $277,000,000 at the box office.

Ed has stayed out of the media limelight, having been interviewed in over two publications.

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Ed Helms
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Ed Helms
Ed Helms


Plays bluegrass guitar and banjo in various bands.
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