Buddy Buddy

Runtime: 96 minutes

The greatest movie buddies of all time are back!

Buddy Buddy is a comedy film released in 1981. The film stars Jack Lemmon as Victor Clooney, Walter Matthau as Trabucco and Paula Prentiss as Celia Clooney. Buddy Buddy was produced for $10,000,000. Since it's release it has grossed over $6,000,000 in ticket sales and $3,000,000 in rental and home sales.

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" Your @#$*! is our business.
Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot


The bizarre name of 'Klaus Kinski' (qv)'s character was Dr. Hugo Zuckerbrot.

Filming Locations

Honolulu, O'ahu, Hawaii, USA

Riverside, California, USA

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