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Alfonso was born on January 11th, 1932. He has been a credited actor since the 1970 film El topo.

Alfonso is a recognizable supporting cast member who's acting range makes him the top choice for a variety of roles. He has appeared in eight films including: the 2012 adventure film I Heart Shakey as the character Raoul, the 2007 drama movie The Dead One playing Tezcatlipoca and the 2000 comedy release Committed cast as Grampy.

His most commercially successful project to date has been the 1984 action film Romancing the Stone, which brought in $75,000,000 at the box office.

Alfonso Arau has directed on numerous occassions including: A Walk in the Clouds (1995). In 2004 Alfonso Arau produced his first movie, the biography film Zapata - El sueño del héroe.

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